Standard panic lock N16XX

Product description

  • OneSystem panic lock N16XX according to EN 179 and EN 1125 for narrow stile doors. Approved for fire barriers according to EN 1634 / product-specific environmental product declaration (EPD) according to EN 15804 with article-specific parameters / tested for 1,000,000 cycles and 300 kg door weight.


  • Serie variants are: N1600,N1601,N1602,N1603,N1604,N1605,N1606,N1607,N1608,N1609,N1610, N1611,N1612,N1613,N1614,N1615,N1616,N1620.     
  • Environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with EN 15804
  • Tested for 1,000,000 cycles and 300 kg door weight
  • Compliance with EN 179/EN 1125, EN 12209
  • Small rear backset 15 mm
  • Panic function inwards/outwards switchable
  • Optional: Bus system with integrated monitoring sensors and simplified connection via 5-wire cable
  • Closed lock case
  • Latch, reversible between DIN left and right in new design for greater strength and with integrated noise reduction
  • Security fittings and oval roses can be screwed on through the lock
  • Deadbolt with anti-tampering design
  • Optional: Bus System with integrated monitoring function
  • Developed for Euro profile cylinder and Swiss round Profile cylinder
Technical Data
Bolt throw 20 mm
Latch DIN L/R (symmetrical face plate)
Standards EN 179, EN 1125
Distance 92 mm (prepared for Euro profile cylinder), 94 mm (prepared for Swiss round cylinder)
Backset 30, 35, 40, 45 mm
Handle follower 9 mm
Front plate U-shaped face plate: U6 x 24 mm Flat face plate: F3 x 20 mm, F3 x 24 mm, R3 x 20 mm, R3 x 24 mm
Material faceplate Stainless steel
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