XD 1V - Vertical Rod Exit Device


  • Model XD 1V Panic SVR exit devices are used for all types of single and double doors. Fire SVR exit devices are used for UL listed fire labeled single doors up to 8 x 8 (2438mm x 2438mm) double doors installation
  • These SVR models cannot be omitted the bottom rod to use as Less Bottom Rod (LBR) devices. If LBR devices are desired, see the Less Bottom Rod Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices page
Material  Stainless steel and steel components on aluminum chassis
Strikes Steel Vertical rods Aluminum
Handing This device ships RHR and is quick field-reversible
 Device Lengths

Short - 36” (850mm)

Long - 48” (1137mm)

 Door Widths

 36” - (736mm to 914mm) door size

 48” - (838mm to 1219mm) door size

Minimum Stile Width 107mm
  Latch Bolt 

Top latch - (16mm) throw, can be deadlocked automatically

Bottom latch - (16mm) throw, held retracted during door swing

Dogging Kit

Panic device - Hex key dogging (RD) standard

Fire device - No mechanical dogging (ND)

Dogging Options

Cylinder Dogging (CD)

Less Dogging (LD)

Mounting Fasteners

Panic device - Machine screws furnished standard SNB furnished for top & bottom latches

Fire device - Six nuts and bolts (SNB) supplied standard SNB are required to use for wood doors, order SNB separately

Mounting Heigh

Device center line from finished floor is (1016mm) standard

Door Opening

Height Standard door height is 7. (8’is available)

Vertical Rods

(13mm) diameter tubular with rod guides

Top rod has two pieces to connect for accomodating 7’ or 8’ door

Bottom rod is one piece, it’s length is (794mm)


Pushbar Neutral: 3-1/16” (78mm)

Pushbar Depressed: 2-19/32” (66mm)


603, 605, 612, 613, 625, 626, 630, 689


ANSI /BHMA: Tested and certified to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Exit Devices Grade 1 UL listed: Panic Exit Hardware, or 3-hours Fire Exit Hardware


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